Release of Ramazan Karataş postponed for 6 months

The release of Ramazan Karataş, who had been imprisoned for 30 years, was postponed for 6 months for the second time for arbitrary reasons by the Administration and Observation Board.

Ramazan Karataş, who was arrested in 1993 and sentenced to life imprisonment, has been kept in a solitary cell in Ereğli High Security Closed Prison for the last 2 years after spending time in various prisons.

In the notification sent to Karataş, it was stated that his release was postponed for 6 months because he did not show "regret" and continued to show "loyalty to the organization".

Karataş's nephew, Bilal Karataş, said that this decision was a violation of the law and added: "I do not understand why someone who has completed his sentence is still kept in prison. The decision made is completely arbitrary. Not releasing a person who has been in prison for 30 years in such an unlawful way is a concrete example of the law being ignored. We call on the prison board to immediately give up this unlawful decision."