Reşahat Ada: We will fight together with our children in prison

Reşahat Ada, the older sister of Hamdusena Ada, one of the prisoners on hunger strike, said: "Our children in prison and we outside in the four parts of Kurdistan will continue to resist until isolation is broken."

Hamdusena Ada, who started a hunger strike in Diyarbakır No. 1 High Security Prison, was arrested on the allegation of "membership in an illegal organization" after being arrested in the Lice district of Amed in 2011. Shortly after her arrest, she was deported to Rize Prison. As a result of long efforts and petitions, she was transferred to Diyarbakır Prison again.

Speaking to ANF, Hamdusena Ada's older sister, Reşahat Ada, said that they had previously held a 'Justice Vigil' for 14 months to draw attention to the situation of ill prisoners and the ongoing torture and usurpation of rights.

Ada said: “Our children fought for their own people and identity. They didn't do anything bad. Our children sacrificed their lives for this land. After my sister went to prison, they deported her to Rize. She stayed there for a long time. As a result of our efforts, they sent my sister here again. They are tortured in prison. We do not want this to happen anymore. We support the rightful struggles of our children. Stop torture and isolation now."

They resist to live and keep alive

Ada said she saw her sister before she went on hunger strike and added: “When we visited her, she said that they would start a hunger strike to break the isolation imposed on Leader Apo. Their morale was good and they continue to resist. They are resisting to live and keep alive. We want everyone to support this voice and resistance. Until the isolation is broken, our children in prison and we in the four parts of Kurdistan will continue to resist. Everyone has to listen to the resistance in prisons.”