Seriously ill prisoner Tanboğa taken to Dicle University Hospital

Seriously ill prisoner Ismail Tanboğa was taken to Dicle University Hospital.

Ismail Tanboğa (23), who was arrested during the self-government resistance in Şirnak's Silopi (Silopiya) district in 2015, was sentenced to 4 aggravated life imprisonment.

Tanboğa was diagnosed with stomach cancer some time after his arrest, but later tests reported that he also had advanced ulcers and gastritis in the stomach. Tanboğa's disease has not been fully diagnosed until now.

Tanboğa was taken to Dicle University Hospital in Amed 15 days ago due to his health condition getting worse. Yet, Tanboğa's family was informed a week after he was hospitalized.

The prisoner, who suffers from severe anaemia, sores in the mouth, throat and back pain, kidney disease, and intense vomiting, has been fed with formula for 3 years.

Tanboğa's mother, Kumriye Tanboğa, stated that she was not allowed to visit her son and called for public awareness.

Tanboğa is held in Diyarbakır T Type Closed Prison, and is on the list of seriously ill prisoners of the Human Rights Association (IHD).