Activists in Prato protest Turkish attacks on Rojava

A demonstration in the city of Prato

A demonstration in the city of Prato (central Italy, near Florence) saw Si Cobas union activists together with other local organizations condemning Turkish attacks on Kurdistan. 

Prato is considered a provincial city, but in reality it is the second largest textile district in Europe. The clothes that are produced in Prato, under extremely exploitative conditions, are sold in markets all over the world. 

Unionists explain that "for the past four years, the workers in the textile district have been organising themselves in a union movement that is growing every day. The district workers are almost all foreigners: they come mainly from Pakistan (azadi - freedom - is a word that unites us!) but also from Senegal, Nigeria, Afghanistan… We fight together against segregation and slavery." 

Unionists add that "the heart of this movement is the fight for a better life, for community, for education and training, for democracy, for self-organization and mutual solidarity. All this makes us feel very close to the AANES revolution, ideally and practically. 

Together with other comrades in Prato, we have given a first small immediate response to what has been happening in the last few days because of the Turkish fascist state, and we are sure that in the coming weeks the mobilisation will grow in our country."

Unionists sent a message to people in Rojava: "Your determination full of love and joy gives us more and more strength and hope to build here too a free life, a life of struggle, a more beautiful and fairer alternative for all."