Sick prisoner in Şakran cuffed to the bed

Sick prisoner in the Şakran Prison Hasip Gün has been cuffed to the bed.

Hasip Gün (53), who has been in prison for 24 years, was transferred to the Çiğli Public Hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest in the Şakran Type T Closed Prison No.3 and taken in for open heart surgery. After the operation, Gün was cuffed to the bed in the room he was staying in. According to what the doctors told the family, Gün needs to be cared for in a sterile environment after his procedure, and his life may be in danger if there are any gaps in the treatment.


Medine Gün said the family learned about the hospitalisation of her husband when they received a call from the prison. Gün said the prison first claimed he had been taken to the hospital in a shuttle, but they later learned that it was in daft an ambulance that took Hasip Gün. Hasip Gün had been arrested in August 1994 in Erzincan and transferred to Erzurum, Ankara, Konya, Bolu and most recently to İzmir Şakran Type T Closed Prison No.3, in this order. Medine Gün said her husband was not transferred to a prison in İstanbul despite various appeals by the family, and that his heart problems had developed during his time in prison.

Hasip Gün’s condition remains critical, as Medine Gün said, “Bandages hadn’t been taken off his arms the last time we saw him, and we weren’t allowed near him.”


Medine Gün said she spoke with the doctor: “My husband needs to be cared for two months in a sterile environment. Otherwise there is a chance that he might die. The doctor said their treatment was 25% of his recovery and that he doesn’t stand a chance if he goes back to prison.”

Medine Gün said 6 soldiers stand watch by her husband and that he is cuffed to the bed: “He is unable to move, but he is kept cuffed to the bed. We haven’t even heard his voice. Who would chain a sick man to a bed after an operation?”