Sick prisoners in Meneman on hunger strike for 21 days

Four sick prisoners in the Menemen Type R Closed Prison have been on a hunger strike for the last 21 days as their demands are not met.

Severely sick prisoners in Izmir-Menemen Type R Closed Prison Ergin Aktaş, Yusuf Bulut (68) and Northern Syrian Dicle Bozan and Ehmedê Xemî (18) continue the hunger strike they started on April 20 due to the restrictions on their rights and the discriminatory practices they have faced.

Human Rights Association (İnsan Hakları Derneği - İHD) İzmir branch lawyer Zafer İncin met with Dicle Bozan, one of the 4 severely sick prisoners on a hunger strike for the last 21 days, and spoke about the situation of the arrestees and their demands.

Lawyer İncin relayed the details of his meeting with Bozan and stated that Bozan has one foot amputated, her intestines are outside of her body and she is in immediate need of treatment. İncin also said the prisoners are at a point of refusing treatment due to the bad conditions: “They have let the administration know about their demands countless times, but they haven’t taken any steps and there has been no improvement in the situation. The prisoners continue with their hunger strike due to the approach assumed by the administration. Until there is a change in their situation, they are determined to continue with the hunger strike to the end.”