Six years of the Vigil for Öcalan’s freedom 

The beginning of the action was remembered on Monday with a crowded press conference

The Vigil for the freedom of Öcalan begun on 25 June 2012 and since then has been carried out in front of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the Committee for the Prevention of Torture and the European Parliament.

The KCDC-E held a press conference on Monday. “So far, hundreds of people from Kurdistan, Turkish Assyrians, Alevi, Ezidi, living in Europe together with women and youth organizations representatives and European friends, politicians, trade unionists, have been attending the Vigil.”

The KCDK-E emphasized that fighting against the isolation regime imposed on Öcalan and defending his right to freedom is vital. “The AKP-MHP fascist alliance - said the statement - have launched a comprehensive war on Kurds and the Middle East. For this the freedom of Öcalan is even more important today.”

It was announced that the fight for Öcalan's freedom would continue. 
KCDK-E co-chair, Fatoş Göksungur, made the opening speech and reminded that many actions had been organised before the Vigil begun in 2012.

Göksungur said that every week for 6 years, representatives from different institutions and people took on the Vigil. 

Reminding that Öcalan hasn’t seen his lawyers since 2011, for the past two years he has also been prevented from meeting his family.

We’ll maintain the Vigil until we reached the freedom of Öcalan

KCDK-E co-chair, Yuksel Koç also emphasized that the action for the freedom of Öcalan will last until achieving it.

Speaking on behalf of the Association of European Syriacs (ESU), Yakup Nuhomo also said that they did not accept the heavy isolation regime imposed on the Kurdish People's Leadership and reiterated Syriacs support for Öcalan’s freedom demand.

Tuncay Yilmaz, SKYP-Europe representative, said that neither the US nor Russia's systems could be a solution to the problems of the peoples of the Middle East. 

Emphasizing that Öcalan's project is the only solution for the peoples, Yılmaz added the importance of fighting against Erdogan's fascism.

NAV-DEM: Isolation imposed on Öcalan unacceptable 

NAV-DEM co-chair, Tahir Kocer, noted that the Vigil will be carried out until it is necessary and added that the isolation regime imposed on Öcalan in unacceptable.

Speaking on behalf of NAV-YEK, Ali Saçık said that the Ezidi people, who had been persecuted for centuries, owe to Öcalan and the Kurdish Freedom Movement their decision to live their faith freely. 

In the statement made on behalf of the Martyrs’ Families Association, it was stated that Öcalan has been subjected to the hardest of regimes. 

Imam Canpolat, a member of the European Peace Group, stressed the 25-year-old peace struggle Öcalan has pursued. 

Canpolat recalled that Öcalan’s peace proposals were answered with an international conspiracy, yet he called on peace groups to continue their task.

Cuma Alak of the Swiss Kurdish Democratic Society Center said that the Kurdish people in Switzerland will continue to be present and do what is required in order to achieve Öcalan’s freedom. 

PYD: We won’t stop until he is free

Speaking on behalf of the PYD, Derim al-Ali said: “We won’t stop until Öcalan is liberated." 
He added that Öcalan should be free to contribute to peace, freedom and brotherhood in the Middle East. 

Derim al-Ali greeted the election success of the HDP despite the attacks and  oppression in North Kurdistan and said that the brotherhood of the peoples would win.

Women for Öcalan

Nazli Turan, the European Representative of the Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-E), said that women would never give up on the fight for the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Turan urged women in Europe to take their place in the struggle.
Mele Salih, who spoke on behalf of the Ciwaka Islamic Kurdistan (CIK), also condemned the isolation regime imposed on Öcalan.

Salih called on people to participate in the Vigil.

Murat Ceylan, an executive with the KCDK-E urged all institutions to play their role in this struggle. 
A large number of representatives of the Kurdistan Parliament also attended the press conference.

The Vigil got the support of members of Parliament Sherko Hemo Emin (Goran) and Salar Muhammad (PUK).
Emin and Muhammad were also part of the delegation received at the Council of Europe.