Torture exposed in Ankara Police Department

Ankara Bar Association Human Rights Centre prepared a report on torture carried out by Ankara Police Department.

Ankara Bar Association Human Rights Center has prepared a report on the torture in the Smuggling and Anti-Terrorism Departments of Ankara Police Department. The Bar, together with the report, filed a criminal complaint to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor of Ankara.
Torture Exposed
In the report, there are statements of a person who stated that he had been subjected to torture and ill-treatment in the Smuggling Department on 19 December.

The report said: "The person we spoke to stated that he had been taken to a so called 'interview' where he was exposed to threat and insults and was pressured to turn into an informer." 

The report explained in detail the threats and torture suffered by the person in question: "He was beaten in the head, held in fetal position for 3 hours, hit in various parts of the body. Threats were often made, and someone even threatened him with throwing him out of the window."

The report also detailed another denounce and in the final part the Bar Human Rights Center asked that those responsible be taken to court.