Torture of political prisoners deported from Kayseri Bünyan Prison continues

Torture and ill-treatment against political prisoners deported from Kayseri Bünyan Prison to Malatya Akçadağ Prison last month continue.

Torture and ill-treatment of political prisoners in Kayseri Bünyan Prison continued to increase despite all the reactions. After the torture was publically exposed, it was learned that the prison administration increased the brutal beatings and ill-treatment of prisoners.

About a month ago, a total of 30 political prisoners in Kayseri Bünyan Prison were deported to various prisons against their will.

The deportation came to light when political prisoners in prison phoned their families.

Eight political prisoners were deported to Malatya Akçadağ Prison where they were tortured by the prison administration and the soldiers.

Through their families, political prisoners said that they fear for their lives and added that vital links like glasses and teeth were taken from them.

'Act today as tomorrow may be too late'

The prisoners said: "Our fellow prisoner Mehmet Yamaç was brought to the point of being killed by torture. All political prisoners, who have been described as 'suicide' in prisons until now, were actually killed by various torture methods. There are deaths in prisons every day and the government calls it 'suicide'. This is a lie. Political prisoners have no security of life right now. The democratic public opinion needs to act urgently on this issue. If something is to be done, it must be done today, not after we die!"