Violent raid in Şakran Women's Closed Prison

More than 20 guards raided the wards of Şakran Women's Closed Prison, broke the kitchen utensils and tables where the prisoners sat, and threw medicines on the ground, rendering them unusable.

Nilay Güleser, who is in Şakran Women's Closed Prison, said in a telephone conversation with her husband, Irfan Güleser, that during the ward searches on 29 January and yesterday morning, more than 20 guards were involved. The kitchen utensils and the kitchen table were broken by the guards, while medicines were thrown on the ground and rendered unusable.

In her telephone conversation, Nilay Güleser said that the ward calls made once a week have been increased to twice a week for the last few months.

Nilay Güleser also said that Neriman Birlikler, a chronic blood pressure patient, was taken to the prison doctor with a complaint of high blood pressure, but despite her request, she was not transferred to the hospital, and the blood pressure medication that the prisoner regularly uses was delayed, even though they requested it before the due date.