"We'll start non-alternating hunger strike if demands aren't met"

As the hunger strike in Turkey’s prisons continues on its 19th day, prisoner Mehmet Kurt said, "If our indefinite and alternating hunger strikes fail to get results, we will switch to an indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike".

The indefinite and alternating hunger strike launched by PKK and PAJK prisoners on November 27 to break the aggravated isolation imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan continues on its 19th day. While the fourth group continues the hunger strike, their relatives support the participants, saying "the demand of our children is our demand".  


Mehmet Kurt (49), who is held in Kayseri Bünyan No 2 T Type Closed Prison, called attention to the increasing violations of rights in prisons in a phone call with his family.

"All human rights of the prisoners have been suspended. Persecution is increasing compared to the past. Communication tools belonging to us such as radio, television, etc. in the wards were seized and newspapers were not given," Kurt told his family.

Emphasizing that the prisoners will continue their action until their demands are fulfilled, Kurt said, “If the hunger strike we have started brings no result, we will switch to an indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike.’’


Mehmet Kurt's relatives also stated that the demands of the prisoners on strike were their demands and called for these be met as soon as possible.

Vedat Sevim, Cengiz Öner and Mahmut Yamalak, who are jailed in the Bünyan No 2 T Type Closed Prison in Kayseri province, are continuing their hunger strike as the fourth group.