What are prisoners going through in the Kayseri Prison?

Rights violations are on the rise in the Kayseri Bunyan Type T Closed Prison.

Female prisoners are being forced to see the doctor in handcuffs, their rights are restricted and they are forced to listen to racist anthems.

Lawyer Alisan Sahin visited the Kayseri Bunyan Type T Closed Prison and met with his clients Naime Encu and Sinem Oguz.

Sahin announced that there are rights violations in the prison.
Sahin said there are 37 female prisoners in the Bunyan Prison and that a clothing quota has been put up for the women: “The clothes the families bring are not given to the prisoners, they are placed in the prison’s warehouse. This quota will become a great issue for prisoners when the winter sets in in the Kayseri Prison.”


Sahin said there is also a restriction on books and that the prisoners are forced to see the doctor in handcuffs.

Sahin said the prison administration demands that the prisoners wear handcuffs in their visits to the prison infirmary or the hospital, and if they don’t agree to the handcuffs they can’t get treatment.


Sahin said his clients have to go through searches that completely upend the wards every 15 days, the sound is too loud in the announcement system in the prison and it disturbs the prisoners.

The prison wardens go to the female wards to pick up trash in groups of 30, singing racist anthems and songs like “Olurum Turkiyem” (“Die For You Turkey”).


Sahin said the prison administration forced an envelope for every letter in the Bunyan Prison and that most appeals by prisoners to talk to the prison director about the rights violations are often dismissed.

Sahin said, “When the women go to meet with the prison director he shouts at them and doesn’t let them speak. He also insulted and threatened them.”

Sahin added that the prosecutor also threatened the women and said, “What are you doing in the corridor? You will no longer be tolerated!”