Women in Dirbesiyê against the isolation of Öcalan

Women in the Hesekê vowed to fight until the liberation of Abdullah Öcalan is achieved.

Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan has been living in heavy solitary confinement for over 2 years.

No news about his condition is known as Öcalan has been denied meeting with his lawyers for 7 years.

Women in the Dirbesiyê district of Hesekê Canton have been protesting against the isolation and declared that they would continue to fight until securing the liberation of Öcalan

Zozan Maridli told ANHA this about solitary confinement:"Öcalan's ideas have spread all over the world and millions are embracing them as well as his principles. This is why the system has isolated him. Öcalan stands against all the rulers with his thoughts, and the victory will be his".

Condemning the silence of legal institutions and human rights organizations on the isolation regime imposed on the Kurdish People's Leader, Zozan said that this silence means being a partner in the crime of isolation.

Emal Hemo said that Öcalan struggles for women's liberation from patriarchal mentality. "We, as women - she said - are bound to the Kurdish leader and to his ideas and principles".

Zahide Mihemed said she condemned the isolation, adding: "Erdogan is wrong if he thinks that he will eliminate Kurds through isolation. Öcalan is free with his ideas and he is always within us".

Mihemed ended her remarks by saying that "women will fight until Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan is freed".