Yazidi villages threatened by Turkish army

Yazidi villagers forced to leave their homes due to Turkish army threat

The village of Til Xatûn is located 10 km north of Tirbespiyê, and 1 km away from the Rojava-Bakurê Kurdistan border. 

In the village in the 1990s, 100 Yazidi families lived there. The people were living of agriculture and livestock but began to experience severe economic hardship after the invading Turkish soldiers begun attacking them, by shooting at the fields and the meadows near the border. 

Most of the people of the village had to migrate to Tirbespiyê center or to other cities of Jezire area because the situation they lived in had become unbearable.

After the migration, the only 11 families that remained in the village of Til Xatûn described to ANHA the difficulties they are living with the permanent threat by the Turkish army.

Since the village is near the border of Bakurê Kurdistan, it has been exposed to the attacks and interventions of Turkish soldiers especially in recent years.

As a result of the Turkish soldiers opening fire, two civilians have lost their life, while the border has been fill with mines by the Turkish occupation forces and 3 people lost their life because of the mines. 

Süleyman Çolî from Til Xatûn village elders said that the occupaying Turkish state had prevented the normalization of the life of the village people and that many families had to leave their villages for this reason. 

Çolî said that they were fired upon by the occupying Turkish soldiers while they were livestocking their animals. "Turkish soldiers open fire against villagers every day for no reason”, he said.

Ending his remark the old villager said that his village is not the only to live this situation: in fact, the villages of Kerdîm, Kêl Hesnak, Melle Ebas and Dêrna Qilinga are experiencing similar problems and facing similar threats by the Turkish army.