10 more Arab youth join the guerrilla ranks: We will liberate our land

Young people from Rojava and North-East Syria continue joining the ranks of the guerrilla struggle in response to the increasingly ongoing attacks of the invading Turkish state and collaborator KDP against the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones.

After dozens of young people, 10 Arab youth have joined the guerrilla struggle as part of the mobilization launched by Komalên Ciwan under the motto “Werin Cenga Azadîye” (Come to Freedom Struggle), and called for Arabs to participate in the fight against invasion and betrayal.

The statement by the group of Arab guerrillas includes the following:

“The barbaric and fascist Turkish state launched an aggression on the mountains of Kurdistan on April 17. The attack is carried out with NATO support and the backing of the betrayer Barzani Family that has long sold its honor and dignity, as well as the country and its wealth. All colonialist and hegemonic powers collaborate with the KDP and each other to make sure that nothing pertaining to Kurdishness is left on earth. The KDP united forces with the Turkish state and engaged in a war against the Kurdish freedom movement. The guerrilla, on the other hand, is waging a fight against the KDP betrayal in order to frustrate these schemes.

We will bring the KDP to account. On this basis, we state once again that the guerrilla is fighting and resisting to protect humanity and oppressed peoples. Today is the day to take revenge on the invaders and liberate our land. It is the youth that will do this. We, as youth committed to their land, language, culture and Leader, reject the mentality that seeks to divide the society in the person of women. We will enhance this struggle and claim the freedom cause that we learned from Leader Öcalan.

As Arab youth, we announce our participation in the guerrilla ranks as part of the mobilization launched by Komalên Ciwan. We are determined to avenge the martyrs. All young people, mainly the Arab youth, should join the guerrilla ranks against fascism. In order to achieve victory and defeat the fascist enemy, we should form our unity, lead the Kurdistan revolution to success and defeat the fascist Turkish state in Kurdistan. As we are going through a time of intense war, all young people and women should participate in the guerrilla ranks.”