10 people detained in Bingöl

Following the detention of three people in Bingöl’s Karlıova district in the early morning hours, seven more people have been detained.

Turkish state forces have stormed several houses in Bingöl city centre and Karlıova district. Seven more people have been taken into custody in the operation.

According to reports from the ground, those detained in Bingöl are Ahmet Gördeğir, Mahmut Pervane, Süleyman Bulut, Giray Önder Polat and Didem Polat.

In the Karlıova district, two people were taken into custody, one of them named Ferit Karabağ.

In the early morning hours, 70-year-old Abdurahim Aksoy and his son Yüksel Aksoy were taken into custody in the village of Kıraçtepe in Karlıova district. In the scope of the same investigation, Abdurahim Aksoy’s brother Bayram Aksoy was taken into custody in Istanbul.

While 10 people were taken into custody during the day, the cause for the arrests wasn’t disclosed.