20 Derin peshmergas detained

Close to 20 Derin peshmergas have been detained on orders by Mistefa Barzani, son of Massoud Barzani. The peshmergas, with some still on active duty, have been in custody for 20 days.

Reports say KDP Leader Massoud Barzani’s son Mistefa Barzani ordered the detention of some 20 Derin Peshmerga in Sire, Deraloke and Sheladize. There are ones on active duty among the peshmerga who have been in custody for 20 days.

Local sources provided RojNews with the names of the peshmerga detained on orders by Mistefa Barzani, but the identities are not made public for safety reasons.

The detained peshmerga are reportedly from the Raqani clan but there is no information on why they were detained.

Families who haven’t heard from their loved ones appealed to security forces, after which they first heard that the peshmerga were in custody.

Sources say KDP has increased pressure against citizens and the Raqani clan in the Amadiya region since the Sheladize resistance, and that the regional security forces continuously threaten and pressure the people.

Meanwhile, the Raqani clan had been insulted on a program broadcast on a KDP-aligned television network, when the clan was called a “gang”. The Raqani clan had stormed the television in protest.