4 more areas liberated during the Wrath of Euphrates Initiative

2 villages and 2 strategic regions have been liberated from ISIS today during the Wrath of Euphrates Initiative. Fighters have also encircled the ISIS gangs in al-Hishah village.

The Wrath of Euphrates Initiative continues on its 7th day. SDF, YPG and YPJ units from Eyn İsa and Siluk have made significant gains today and liberated the al-Shibil village located 15 kms away from Eyn İsa and the nearby water and electricity centers from ISIS gangs today. Fighters have also liberated the village of Xidir located 25 kms to the west of al- Qenterî village after fierce clashes with ISIS gangs.


SDF, YPG and YPJ fighters have also encircled the ISIS gangs in al-Hishah; a village to the north of Hisha village that was liberated yesterday.

Local sources report that the fighters from Siluk are currently approaching the Xinêz a Wistanî village.