50,000 people say to Turkey: Get out of South Kurdistan!

50,000 signatures were collected within the framework of the campaign launched in early July by the Struggling Young Women (JCT) demanding the withdrawal of the invading Turkish state from South Kurdistan.

The Struggling Young Women (JCT) in South Kurdistan started collecting signatures against the Turkish invasion on 5 July. The campaign organizers announced the results in a press release in Azadi Park in the city of Sulaymaniyah.

JCT announced the end of the campaign and added that they have collected 50,000 signatures.

Speaking on behalf of JCT, Bêrîtan Zagros said: "We have collected 50,000 signatures demanding to expel the invading Turkish state from South Kurdistan, despite the danger of coronavirus and the stay at home measures."

Zagros added: "We encountered many obstacles while collecting signatures, especially in the towns of Halabja and Dukan. We are ending our campaign on this important day, the Kurdish renaissance day. We will present the collected 50,000 signatures to the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region, the Parliament of Iraq and the United Nations."

Zagros continued: "As long as the Turkish occupation continues, our work will continue. We will continue our work across South Kurdistan with the slogan ‘This is Heftanîn’. Every woman and young person from South Kurdistan should know that if they remain silent in the face of Turkish occupation, the invaders will come to our door. Everyone should fight against Turkish occupation."