89 families in Serdeşt Camp return to their homes in Shengal

89 families staying in Serdeşt Camp on Mount Shengal returned to their homes in Tilezêr, province of Shengal.

89 families of refugees from Shengal staying in Serdeşt Camp returned to their homes in Tilezêr (in the province of Shengal). The families have been displaced for 8 years, living in a camp under the supervision of the United Nations and supported by some humanitarian organizations. Families were welcomed by the Shengal Autonomous Administration.

Azad Hisên, co-chair of the Executive Board of the Shengal Autonomous Board of Directors, who welcomed the families on the main road to Tilezêr, said: “This wave of return is the greatest response to our enemy. Many political parties are trying to prevent the return of the people and make Shengal look unstable with their special war. By returning to their homes, our people are giving the biggest answer to the stability in Shengal.”

People in all camps in Bashur Kurdistan should return to their homes

Azad Hisên thanked the institutions and parties that helped the people to return on behalf of the Autonomous Administration and continued: "Our people, not only in Serdeşt but also in all camps in Bashur Kurdistan, should return to their homes."

Serdeşt Camp manager Elî Şabo gave information about the return of the refugees and said that 89 families had left the camp on Monday, while more will soon follow. Elî Şabo stated that some international organizations provided financial support for the return of the people and job opportunities were created in Tilezêr for the returning families.

The municipalities of Girzerik, Sîba Şêx Xidir and Tilezêr, which are affiliated to the Autonomous Administration, mobilized to assist the returning families and helped them clean their homes.