9 soldiers killed in guerrilla actions in Botan and Zap

HPG reported guerrilla actions against the Turkish army in the north and south of Kurdistan. In Botan, the YJA Star carried out sabotage actions, while coordinated actions were directed against the invading forces in the Zap region.

The press centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) reports on guerrilla actions in the north and south of Kurdistan in its daily war overview. According to the information, nine soldiers of the Turkish army were killed in the actions, four others suffered injuries.


In the northern Kurdish region of Botan, fighters of the YJA Star (Free Women's Troops) carried out sabotage actions against the Turkish troops. According to the HPG, the Turkish army launched a military operation in the Girê Hirmo area in the Cûdî Mountains on 13 November. The operation units were observed by the guerrillas trying to enter old camp sites accompanied by traitors. On 15 November, the Turkish troops fell into a trap at the Şehîd Şayan point and at least three soldiers were killed in a sabotage action. At the same time, another sabotage action at Girê Şehîd Firat killed one soldier and injured two others. The dead and wounded soldiers were taken away by the army in helicopters. The YJA Star dedicated its actions to the fighters resisting in tunnels.


In the Zap region in Southern Kurdistan, mobile guerrilla teams struck the Turkish invading forces twice on 13 December. Both actions took place in Çemço in Sheladize town in the Amadiya district. At 11 a.m., an action with heavy weapons left three soldiers dead. At 11.30 a.m., guerrillas carried out a coordinated action using sniper tactics and heavy weapons, as a result of which, two soldiers were killed and two others were injured.


Regarding the attacks by the Turkish army on Tuesday, HPG said that the Turkish army again set fire to car tyres and plastic in Çemço and introduced smoke into guerrilla positions. In addition, a total of four air strikes by fighter jets targeted the areas of Gûndê Dirê in Gare and Golka and Girê Ortê in Metîna. In addition, Girê FM, Sîda and Çemço were attacked dozens of times with tanks and heavy weapons.