Êzidî commander: Standing against Öcalan's isolation is our duty

Êzidxan Asayish Commander called for a struggle to lift the aggravated isolation imposed upon Abdullah Öcalan and for his freedom. Şengalî said, “We are prepared to do anything necessary for the liberation of our Leader. We are Leader Apo’s guardians."

Êzidxan Asayish Commander Rekan Şengalî spoke to RojNews about PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan being held under aggravated isolation conditions by the Turkish state and said: “As the Êzidî people, we believe that our existence is tied to our Leader. This isolation against Leader Apo is also geared against us.”


Şengalî said the guerrillas organized with the ideas and philosophy of Öcalan ran to their aid in Shengal and added: “If it wasn’t for the freedom fighters and the guerrillas, our children would have either starved to death or died of thirst on the Shengal mountain. Our Leader’s fighters saved us from the gangs. They sacrificed themselves for us. This idea and philosophy has led us to this day.”


Şengalî pointed out that Öcalan is a man who is seen as a leader for all peoples and continued: “As long as Leader Apo is under isolation in Imrali, our lives will remain incomplete. We are prepared to do anything for the freedom of Leader Apo. We will never stop. We are Leader Apo’s guardians. Because Leader Apo is our life and existence.”

Şengalî called for a struggle against the isolation and said: “I am calling on the whole world and the oppressed peoples to embrace Leader Apo’s ideas and philosophy, and to stand against the isolation. This is a duty for all humanity. In this sense, we are also going to fulfill our duty and resist for Leader Apo’s freedom. We condemn these states that choose silence to protect their own interests in the face of these human rights violations.”