“Öcalan is the key to a solution”

Former Iraqi parliamentarian Judge Şêx Letîf Mistefa in Suleymaniye said: “Erdoğan wants to be a sultan in Turkey, that is why he imposes the isolation upon Mr. Öcalan. But it should be known that Öcalan is the key to a solution.”

The international plot that started on October 9, 1998 and resulted in PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan being handed over to Turkey on February 15, 1999 is entering its 20th year. The practices Öcalan has been subjected to for the last 19 years in the Imrali Island have become more severe each year. The Imrali Prison is made for one occupant, and the isolation has been aggravated to the point where he is not allowed visits by his family, lawyers or trustee. Despite the imposed isolation within the isolation, Öcalan has never given up on his efforts for peace and democracy and the systems he defends, his ideas have been implemented one by one.

Former Iraqi parliamentarian and current judge in Sulaymaniyah Judge Şêx Letîf Mistefa spoke about the international plot and stated that the isolation imposed upon Öcalan by the Turkish state is inhumane and constitutes an international crime.


Mistefa stated that Öcalan is a very esteemed person who has projects for a solution: “Mr. Öcalan exposed the international plot imposed upon him with the projects he developed in the Middle East. The solution Öcalan has developed is a model of freedom, while the Turkish state insists on an Islamic and oppressive system to smother it. That is why Öcalan is isolated.”


Mistefa said the Turkish state objects because Öcalan is the key to a solution and added: “The AKP and Erdoğan are using the government in Turkey to serve their own interests. Erdoğan wants to hold the elections sooner, and wishes to become a sultan in Turkey. He imposes isolation upon the obstacle on that path, which is Öcalan. He cuts him off from the rest of the world. But the democratic system Öcalan developed has already won in Rojava today. Despite this many enemies to Öcalan’s democratic ideas, these ideas are being implemented one by one in Rojava. The system Öcala has developed is very important for Turkey and the Middle East. The solution to all issues lies with the system Öcalan has developed.