A journey to the PKK with an Arab guerrilla fighter

Heci is an Arab guerilla fighter from Shengal. He joined the PKK after ISIS invaded the region. "I wanted to fight those who harmed humanity. I could only do that in the ranks of the PKK," he says.

The way is pretty far. Our destination is a meeting place for the guerrillas. The sun is already on the horizon. Heci is a courier. He goes ahead. When he looks over to us, he notices that we are not as fast as he is. Then he notices our dry lips and he hurries to give us water.

Heci is an Arab guerrilla fighter from Shengal. He joined the guerrilla two years ago. He and his family were affected by the ISIS attack on Shengal. Although we had the opportunity to talk in between, we did not know much about him yet.

Later he begins to tell, from the moment of the ISIS incursion in Shengal and his experiences. Tears come to his eyes with each new sentence. Only with much effort can we take a few pictures of him.

On our way we encounter numerous stories of the guerrilla fighters. Their motives for joining the guerrillas are as different as the attacks they witnessed. But all have one thing in common: the will to resist fascism and colonialism. In recent years, the number of Arab fighters in PKK ranks has risen. Heci is one of them. He joined the PKK “to fight the attacks of the ISIS”.

Heci says the PKK is a great hope for him. "I wanted to fight those who harmed humanity. I could only do that with the PKK, that's why I joined. Here I fight with all my strength against fascism".

There is a major attack on the Middle East and Kurdistan, says Heci. He addressed the words to the Arab youth: "Only the PKK is the force that leads a fight against the all-out attack. The Arab youth should join the PKK. They should see and live the friendship and humanity of the PKK.”