A message of determination from guerrillas in Werxelê

The guerrillas in Avaşîn's Werxelê Area said that they would resist despite the Turkish army's dirty tactics and that this resistance would turn into a retribution and attack manoeuvre.

The Turkish state has been carrying out a bombing campaign for more than four months in order to invade Avaşîn's Werxelê Area. Guerrillas responded to each attack. Turkey uses all kinds of weapons, including chemical gases, and showed remarkable resistance and refused to surrender. Following the Turkish army's severe bombardment, the guerrillas, who had failed every incursion attempt, carried out many successful operations.

The guerrillas in the Werxelê Resistance Areas called on the people of Kurdistan, democratic people and their comrades by radio on September 10.

The message was as follows: “Many of our comrades engaged in the four-month-long Avaşîn operation showed great sacrifice and fell as martyrs. These companions' values will be the torch of humanity, illuminating life for all time. It will also serve as a beacon for us. In the person of these comrades, we remember all of our martyrs. We shall always safeguard the memory of our martyrs.”

Turkey respects no rules

The message continued: “We express our greetings to all our comrades and people, particularly Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], who are resisting the enemy's attacks today. The Turkish state's attacks on Kurdistan have not stopped, will not stop, and will never stop. All of these attacks indicate that their time has come. Because they are aware of this, they attack without regard for the rules.”

The message added: “This operation has been going on for four months and they have been utilizing gas for 90 days, causing explosions. Chemical weapons account for the vast majority of the gases employed. For the past 90 days, they have been using these chemical gases uninterruptedly. Additionally, tons of explosives are used. But the gorgeous Zagros rocks have resisted and will continue to do so. Similarly, they wanted to strike the war tunnels, but our comrades resisted and they had to withdraw.”

The guerrillas said: “We, once again, write the success of the Kurdish resistance in the pages of history. The Turkish state is recklessly attacking all our values. They see things that have not been seen in the history of humanity for our people. On the one hand, they attack the Kurds. On the other hand, they talk about brotherhood with the Kurds. This shows their hypocrisy. The Apoist culture has constantly planted the good, the beautiful and the truth in these lands. As the defenders of all the values of humanity, we will not forget the vicious practices of the Turkish state, not even after thousands of years. The Turkish state and its collaborators should know that we will not forget what they did. This resistance will turn into a revenge and an attack move in time!”