A new dirty plan for Shengal

After the attacks on the Xanesor People's Assembly, the Sinûnê People's Assembly building and the air attack on the Sinûnê shopkeepers, it appears clear that a new plan is being implemented in Shengal.

While there was not a single Iraqi soldier in Shengal during the invasion process carried out since 3 August 2014 by ISIS, tens of thousands of soldiers were positioned against the people of Shengal, who formed their own self-defense and self-government after the attack. In the wake of the Ankara-Hewler-Baghdad agreement, which was announced on 9 October 2021, under the mentorship and leadership of the UN, the Iraqi army attacked the Shengal self-government from land, while the Turkish state accompanied it with air strikes. As a result of these attacks, dozens of Yazidis were killed.

Realizing that the Yazidis would not back down in the face of these attacks, the Ankara-Hewlêr-Baghdad alliance, this time, has brought a more comprehensive liquidation plan to the agenda. While the Turkish state launched a comprehensive attack on Medya Defense Areas on 17 April, the Iraqi army attacked Asayiş and YBŞ-YJŞ points in Shengal the next day. In the face of the joint resistance carried out by the YBŞ-YJŞ and the people, the Iraqi army had to take a step back.

Despite the insistence of the KDP, Mustafa Kazimi could not afford a new attack, and this time the KDP began to organize provocative actions in Shengal. Distributing money to some organizations, tribal leaders and its local collaborator network, the KDP incited the people of Shengal against YBŞ-YJŞ and the Shengal Autonomous Administration.

When the KDP could not get any results from these, it started to attack Shengal again, this time with more dirty games, within the framework of the triple alliance. This time, there was an orientation towards civilian people in their plans.

According to this new plan, Shengal Democratic Autonomous Administration assemblies and institutions in settlements will be periodically targeted by the Turkish state with drones, and some civilians will be targeted at the same time. By organizing the reactions of the relatives of the murdered civilians, they will be channelled against the Democratic Autonomous Administration and thus the people of Shengal will be confronted with provocative actions against their own self-government. Anti-revolutionary elements among the Yazidis will be organized in Shengal, as in North Kurdistan and Rojava, to be used against the revolution. We saw the first example of this after the attacks on the shopkeepers near Sinûnê People's Assembly on 15 June.

The people of Shengal should be aware of this dirty plan, they should not allow the organization of the provocateurs that the KDP-Turkish intelligence is trying to organize together, and they should further strengthen their alliances to thwart this dirty plan.