Activists in Naples block Turkish Airlines counter

Activists in Naples blocked the check-in counter of a Turkish airlines flight at Naples International Airport.

Activists in Naples carried out an action at the Turkish airlines check-in counter at Naples International Airport.

As in so many other parts of Italy and Europe, the activists denounced the bombing carried out by Turkey against Northern and Eastern Syria (Rojava) since 19 November amidst the complicit silence of the international community.

The activists said: "Those same governments and media that praised the popular resistance of Kurdish women to the patriarchal fascism of the Islamic State are now silent in the face of the attacks by the fascist Erdogan regime, NATO's second army.

They are silent because of the huge interests related to the arms trade, gas, and refugee segregation in Turkey. All the reasons why even an authoritarian and violent regime has become 'friendly'."

Activists also recalled the student (who had studied in Naples) who was arrested in Istanbul last Friday for merely participating in a women's demonstration on 25 November and who is now still detained in a center for foreigners in Istanbul."

On 9 December in Naples there will be a city demonstration starting at 5 p.m. from metro Toledo.