Activists in Stockholm protest raid on Sterk TV and Medya Haber

The police raid on Sterk TV and Medya Haber was protested in Stockholm.

The police raid on Stêrk TV and Medya Haber TV studios in the very early hours of Tuesday morning in Belgium was protested at the Sergels Torg center in Stockholm.

Co-chair Menice Yiğit, speaking on behalf of the Swedish Democratic Kurdish Community Center, underlined that on the anniversary of "Kurdish Journalists' Day", the Belgian police illegally raided the Kurdish Tv broadcasting studios and plundered the whole place. At the same time, raids were carried out in Istanbul and Kurdistan and many press workers were taken into custody.

Different houses were raided in France and our patriots were arrested there too. When we put all these events together, we see that there is one political concept behind them. It is an attempt to satisfy Erdoğan, who was defeated in the municipal elections. All our institutions were established with the efforts of our struggle and our media organs are our ears and eyes. We will protect our institutions and resist wherever they are, against the forces that want to silence this."

Leaflets in Swedish were distributed during the action and posters saying "Take your hands off the Kurdish press" were unfolded during the action.