“Agreement on Shengal made at the request of Turkey”

Speaking to ANF, academics and political experts from South Kurdistan stated that the agreement on Shengal was made at Turkey's request and will fail if people oppose it.

Political expert Niyaz Hemid remarked that the agreement is a dirty political alliance and that the KDP represents the Turkish state's dirty politics. He continued: “Because the Iraqi government is in a very weak position, it does not have the power to intervene in everything. Therefore, this alliance was made between the Turkish state and the KDP. Two months ago, head of Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) Hakan Fidan met with some officials from the Iraqi government. During these meetings, agreements were made to abolish Shengal's status. The people of Shengal and many groups stated that they would not accept this agreement since they are aware that this agreement is an alliance made by the Turkish state. Also, Shengal’s people did not forget the genocide committed by ISIS in cooperation with Turkey and KDP.”

Criticism at PUK and Gorran

Commenting on the fact that the agreement was made by the KDP on behalf of the South Kurdistan government, Hemid asked, "Although the PUK and Gorran are part of the Regional Government, why does none of them raise voice about this agreement?”


Duhok University Lecturer Dr. Hisham Zêbari remarked that the agreement between the KDP and Mustafa al-Kadhimi has many goals in disguise.

"It seems that the KDP wants to improve its trade with the Turks by opening another border gate that will be an alternative to the Ibrahim Khalil Border Crossing. Wherever there is a Kurdish achievement, the KDP tries to destroy it. Together with the Iraqi government, the KDP wants to take Shengal under its rule.”

Zebari continued; "This shows that Turkey and the Erdogan regime have a finger in this agreement. Generally, this deal is a bad one. If the Kurds are to make an agreement with the Iraqi government in South Kurdistan, they should do it not only within the framework of a political party or family interests, but within the framework of a single attitude and a national decision.”


Politician and writer Ali Kerimi emphasized that; "It is not an agreement; it is the sellout of Shengal". He continued; “The people of Shengal, who have been ruling themselves for more than 2 years, will not accept this agreement. While the people who migrated from Shengal wanted to return to Shengal from the very beginning, the KDP did not allow them to turn back home.

Referring to the role of the US Special Envoy for Syria James Jeffrey, who has good relations with the AKP and Erdogan, Kerimi remarked that:

“Jeffrey held talks to guide the Turks during his visit to South Kurdistan. The regional government and the Iraqi government are not effective in this deal because they both lack the power to govern Shengal. Jeffrey works with the Turkish lobby.”

Underlining that the KDP has decided to make every piece of Kurdistan into a gift in order to neutralize the PKK because it sees that the PKK ideology and paradigm are getting popular in the region, Kerimi added; “The KDP did the same thing in Kirkuk, saying ‘If Kirkuk will not be ours, it will not be left to anyone’. Our people understand that this agreement is indeed directed against them and I think it will not allow its implementation.”

Duhok University lecturer Dr. Kamuran Berwari pointed out that; “Kurdish interests do not matter in Turkey’s plans. Turkey's main aim is to become the leader of the states against the Kurds. Their aim is to destroy the gains of Kurds in the international arena and to prevent the establishment of a great free Kurdistan.

The main purpose of the agreement is to annihilate the autonomy gained by the people of Shengal and to eliminate the YBŞ-YJŞ, the self-defense forces formed by the Shengal people themselves. Kurds living in Shengal were not present in the agreement.”

Remarking that the agreement was made at the request of Turkey and Iraq, Berwari pointed out that a big conspiracy is being carried out on Yazidis and any agreement which is not recognized by the will of the Shengal people and the Democratic Autonomous Council will be a conspiracy.”


Stating that what will liberate and unite the Kurds is the establishment of a strategic line, Berwari continued as follows: "This will happen with the establishment of Democratic Confederalism and Democratic Autonomous System. In the system of Democratic Confederalism, all peoples, sects and nations in Kurdistan will be able to live freely. Therefore, there is no solution for Kurds other than Democratic Confederalism. None of the systems other than Democratic Confederalism are in the interests of the Kurds.

Because if the gains of the Kurds in the international arena are lost, the Kurdistan Regional Government will also end. South Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Regional Government have many opportunities today.”