AKP's Yıldız threatens voters in Suruç

AKP MP and parliamentary candidate Ibrahim Halil Yıldız toured schools with his armed bodyguards, attacked HDP members and cast block votes for AKP and Erdoğan.

AKP's parliamentary candidate for Urfa Ibrahim Halil Yıldız, who was involved in the incident in Suruç where Esvet Şenyaşar and his sons Celal and Adil Şenyaşar were murdered, continues his aggression on election day. Yıldız toured schools in Suruç where people were voting, accompanied with dozens of armed bodyguards.


AKP's Yıldız has been to Atatürk and Cumhuriyet Elementary Schools and the GAP Anadolu High School where his bodyguards confiscated everybody's phones beforehand.

Yıldız and his bodyguards then removed ballot officers from the schools and battered HDP's ballot officers. They later went to the ballots and cast block votes for the AKP and its presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.