Artists: "Intra-Kurdish war is a poisonous dagger that the enemy seeks to stab us with"

In Hewler, Kurdish artists held a press conference in protest at the Turkish state’s invasion attacks and hostile attempts to provoke an intra-Kurdish war, calling it “a poisonous dagger that the enemy seeks to stab us with.”

Since yesterday, a group of Kurdish artists from four part of Kurdistan met various political circles in Hewler (Erbil) city of South Kurdistan and held a press conference earlier in the evening today against the Turkish invasion and attempts of instigating an intra-Kurdish war. The artists taking floor in the conference uttered their concerns about a possible intra-Kurdish war, pointing out the Turkish genocidal occupation attacks.

Diyar Dersim: We artists are ashamed of talking about war. However, we have great concerns in the face of the possibility of an intra-Kurdish war. We believe that our people will support our demand and will not allow such a war. We, artists, want peace.

Nasir Rezazî: While the forces who strive to invade Kurdistan engage in any sort of alliance, Kurdish parties cannot come together for the sake of peace and negotiation. This situation causes a fragile situation for Kurdistan. As the occupiers intend to annihilate the Kurds, we reject an intra-Kurdish war. Even the USA says that ‘if you, Kurdish political parties do not unite, we will not support you’. Had the previous conflicts among the Kurds not taken place, Kurdistan could have developed tenfold. I call on artists, writers and all of Kurdish institutions not to remain silent against this war.

Şehên Talebanî: As an artist, I demand Kurdish political parties to end the fight among each other. Why shall we kill each other? I hope that Kurdish parties will act in accordance with Kurdish people’s interests. I am also of the opinion that Kurdistan has been facing great threats and hope that no intra-Kurdish conflict will ever take place again.

Şivan Perwer: If we do not defend ourselves, no other country will ever defend our people. The Kurds are all over the world; in America, Australia and Europe but they are not defended anywhere on the world.

The press conference ended after the speeches of the other artists protesting the invasion and a possible intra-Kurdish war.