Attack helicopters set fire to forest area in Dersim

A forest area in the province of Dersim in Northern Kurdistan has been set on fire by Turkish attack helicopters.

The Turkish army continues to set forest fires in Northern Kurdistan in regions where it suspects that the guerrillas are moving. In the Hozat district in the province of Dersim, attacks by two attack helicopters on Saturday set fire to a forest area that is spreading rapidly. The fire started not far from the village of Amutka (Yenibaş) at the entrance to the Aliboğazı Valley. According to sources in the region, no attempts to extinguish the fire have been made so far.

The People's Defense Forces HPG (Kurdish: Hêzên Parastina Gel) had also reported on Friday about "intensified counter-guerrilla activity" in Dersim, which is intended to identify guerrilla areas. HPG Dersim Command called on the people to avoid restricted areas, saying; "All military areas of the fascist regime are in our sights. In order that our people and civilians are not harmed, people should avoid any kind of meeting with the enemy and stay away from military areas. In the contrary case, we will not be responsible for possible damage."