Balance sheet of war for one year: 2982 soldiers and police officers killed

HSM has released the balance sheet of war in Kurdistan for one year. Accordingly, HPG guerillas carried out 1199 actions, in which Turkish 2982 soldiers were killed and 1146 soldiers were wounded.

People’s Defense Center Headquarters Command (HSM) shared the outcome of one year of war with the public in a written statement.

HSM statement emphasizied that despite all good will efforts displayed by the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and Kurdish Freedom Movement during the ceasefire process that went into effect following Öcalan’s statement in Newroz 2013 for the resolution of the Kurdish issue via dialogue and negotiations, the AKP regime hasn’t fulfilled any of their responsibilities, and on the contrary, launched a new process of conflict in the Kurdish issue with the wave of attacks starting on July 24.

The statement said; “The colonialist-fascist AKP state that has declared a total war in line with their subversion plan against our movement, our people and our Leader, has used all the means available to damage and eliminate our movement.

But the answer given by the guerilla in the Revolutionary People’s War framework and the resulting resistance have voided these aims of the AKP state and inflicted serious blows on the AKP system. With that, the resistance displayed by our people in the cities led by the youth in line with the demand for democratic autonomy has opened up a new chapter of resistance in the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle and left the colonialist system clogged and in a deadlock. This process of resistance developed within the great historic stance displayed in Sur, Cizre, Hezex, Gever, Şırnak and Nusaybin is taking on new dimensions in areas like Van and Siirt and continues in cities and in highlands led by the YPS, the self defense force of the people.


In this sense, during the one year of struggle, the fascist AKP state haven’t reached any of their goals and were left in a deadlock in the face of the resistance of the guerilla in the mountains and the people in the cities. As a result, they have developed unfettered approaches and have torn most of Sur, Cizre, Hezex, Gever, Şırnak and Nusaybin cities to the ground - and still have failed to stand in the way of our people’s rising resistance. The AKP state, whose subversion plan has failed in face of the performance displayed by our guerillas and the Civilian Defense Units (YPS), has launched an advanced psychological war and used false propaganda that our forces have lost around 8 thousand members to make it look like they have won the war.

The true outcome of the one year period of war between July 24, 2015 and July 23 2016 constitutes an important data set for the war to be understood in the starkest of terms. In this sense, we believe the truth will come out in a striking way and share the one year HPG outcome with the public.

Land operations carried out by the Turkish Army: 356

Aerial attacks (plane): 658

Cobra helicopter attacks: 147

Mortar, howitzer and tank attacks: 1649

Aerial scout activity: 671

Aerial activity (plane and helicopter): 344

Clashes: 110

Actions carried out by our forces: 1199

Determined enemy deaths (police-military): 2982

Ranked soldier deaths: 36

Determined enemy wounded personnel: 1146

Enemy units taken prisoner (police-military): 13

Destroyed military vehicles: 184

Destroyed tanks: 15

Damaged armored vehicles: 175

Downed Cobra helicopters: 4

Damaged Cobra and Skorsky helicopters: 44

Vehicles determined to be working with the state and burned: 202

Destroyed cell towers: 110

Martyred guerillas: 435

Imprisoned guerrillas: 16.”