Berivan and Xebat's Tale

Xebat and Berivan were relatives, they were married when they were 15 or 16. They were patriots, they wanted to be guerrillas.

Xebat and Berivan were relatives, they were married when they were 15 or 16. They were patriots, they wanted to be guerrillas. They had a daughter and they named her Zilan. They took Zilan and set out to join the guerrilla, but they were caught. 

Xebat was arrested. In prison, he learned that Berivan was murdered when she joined the funeral of Armanç Kerboran. When he was released three years later, Xebat completed his unfinished journey: he joined the guerrilla. Zilan came 5 years later. Zilan was followed by her aunt, Rozerin.

HPG guerrilla Xebat Beritan was born in 1987 in Mardin / Kerboran. He joined the guerrilla ranks in 2012. Here is the story of a typical patriotic Kurdish family through the words of guerrilla Xebat:

"I heard about the PKK at a younger age. My family is a patriotic family. At a very young age, I married my relative, Berivan. We were not very conscious, at the same time, we did not know the PKK well. When we got married, I was 16 and Berivan was 15. In our family, the participation in the guerrilla was very high, we were also receiving the news of martyrs. We had a daughter in 2000. We named her after Martyr Zilan.

As we grasped the necessity of the struggle, Berivan and I were annoyed because we brought a child into a colonial country. The issue was not financial. The financial situation of our families was good. But we could not accept colonialism. Our language, our identity, our culture were in captivity, we did not want our child to experience the same thing. When we fully grasped this, we decided we will join the guerrilla and take Zilan with us."

Guerrilla Xebat continued: "We set off towards the free mountains in 2009. We were detained by the Turkish soldier on the border of Kerboran. Berivan and Zilan were released but I was arrested and sentenced to 3 years. I had the opportunity to read and understand the Leadership in prison.

While listening to the radio one day in my second year of prison, in 2011, I heard that Armanç Kerboran had fallen martyr. This had a huge impact on me. Armanç was a friend who was loved in the family and was always shown as an example to us. Martyr Armanç' funeral was in Kerboran. When I listened to the news of the evening funeral, I learned that two patriotic women were murdered by the Turkish army: one was Berivan.

The biggest dream of Berivan was to fight for our people in the free mountains of Kurdistan. After I got out of prison, I went to the mountains of Kurdistan in 2012. Berivan and I never experienced our childhood. In Kurdistan, I will always fight for children to live their childhood. Whenever a child plays freely in our country, and is not under any domination, then I will have taken revenge on Berivan and our many murdered patriots.

I did not bring Zilan with me when I joined. I knew that she will come, I have always believed in it. Zilan came in 2017 and is now in the mountains. It is very meaningful for me to fight with Zilan in these mountains. To be blessed with a father-daughter relationship, to be her comrade. My sister Rozerin also joined in 2014."