Berwarî: "KDP drives students to suicide"

Dr. Kamuran Berwarî of Duhok University called for South Kurdistan’s KDP government to fulfill the demands of the students who -he said- are being driven to suicide due to the lack of financial aid.

The student protests against the lack of scholarship payments and the poor conditions on campus and in the dormitories in South Kurdistan have continued for nine days. Security forces repeatedly use massive force against the protesters. Nevertheless, the protests are expanding. Protests also broke out again at Soran University in Hewlêr (Erbil], the largest university in the region. Hundreds of students have been injured and detained in attacks by security forces.

Dr. Kamuran Berwarî of Duhok University spoke to Mezopotamya News Agency (MA) about the protests and stated that the social situation is driving the students "to suicide", expressing his support for their demands. These legitimate demands are also supported by the people, he noted, and said the following regarding the ongoing repression: "Attempts are being made to murder and kidnap them, as well as to imprison them. These steps are an attempt to suppress legitimate demands. We see this very clearly. When the activists go out on the streets, they have nothing with them but their pens. They do not even throw a stone. If there have been attacks anywhere, they did not come from the students. The students are treated inhumanely. Not only teachers, civil servants and students, but all people in South Kurdistan want freedom, equality and democracy. When 100,000 activists take to the streets, these 100,000 activists come from 100,000 houses. If there are ten people in each house, there are at least one million Kurds supporting these demands."

"The demands must be met"

Berwarî continued, "If repression intensifies, migration will increase. As many students will have to leave the university. The repression of 200,000 students will lead to a rupture. So many students who would work for South Kurdistan in the future are stuck at home. The cuts by the government in South Kurdistan are nothing ordinary. They are not in the public interest. Violence, arrests, killings and kidnappings are not the answer."

"An end to repression"

Berwarî warned that, "There is a major economic crisis in South Kurdistan. Regional and international agreements are being implemented against the Kurds. We must stand strong against this. We must give an answer to those who do not want the Kurds and Kurdistan and stand against them. For this, we must act peacefully and wisely. The demands of the students must be met and the policy of repression must be stopped."