Big explosion in Turkish army's positions in Zap

After five guerrilla actions against Turkish bases on Girê Amêdî, a heavy explosion occurred in a Turkish fortification on Wednesday evening. The HPG had attacked the position with "special technology".

A new guerrilla offensive is evidently taking place in the southern Kurdish Girê Amêdî in the western Zap region "Şehîd Delîl". On Tuesday and Wednesday alone, six actions took place against Turkish positions in the guerrilla area there.

The HPG (People's Defense Forces) said that the positions on Girê Amêdî had been attacked with special technology and that they would share the footage of the attacks later.

There was another action on Wednesday evening at 10:20 p.m. As footage shows, there was a heavy explosion in a Turkish fortification on Girê Amêdî. How exactly the actions were carried out is not yet known. As early as 1 June, the HPG had flown very effective attacks against Turkish positions at Girê Amêdî with kamikaze drones. These attacks were also described as actions using “special technology”.

Girê Amêdî is located in the western section of the Zap front and has so far been one of the fiercest areas of resistance. In 2022/2023, Turkey's attempt to occupy the Medya Defense Areas and destroy the guerrillas failed at the outset. After heavy losses, the Turkish occupation troops had to flee in the winter. For almost a year now, the Turkish army has been trying to occupy the Zap region with the help of the southern Kurdish KDP. However, the HPG and YJA Star are putting up fierce resistance and are repeatedly forcing the invaders onto the defensive.