Cameras record use of chemical weapons in Girê Martyr Pîrdoxan

The explosion caused by the use of a tactical nuclear bomb and chemical weapons used by the invading Turkish army towards the Girê Martyr Pîrdoxan war tunnels in Metîna were published.

The invasion attacks launched by the Turkish army on the Medya Defense Zones, where the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are based, on 14 April 2022, left five months behind.

The Turkish army wanted to occupy the Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn regions, during this time and met by the resistance of HPG and YJA Star guerrillas, resorted to chemical weapons and tactical nuclear bombs dozens of times, along with all kinds of weapons.

New images proving the war crimes committed by the Turkish army, which took advantage of the silence of the international organizations that ban chemical weapons, have emerged. The moments when the invading army used tactical nuclear bombs and chemical weapons against the Girê Martyr Pîrdoxan war tunnels in Metîna's Girê Amediyê Resistance Area, one of the areas where the war has been intense for months, were recorded.

The sound of the explosion is heard kilometres away

In the footage recorded from two different angles, the Turkish army first tries to explode the war tunnel with a tactical nuclear bomb. While the sound of the violent explosion can be heard miles away, the soldiers, who thought that they had destroyed the war tunnel, are seen controlling the entrance of it. Later, large numbers of Turkish soldiers placed chemical weapons that release poisonous gas in tunnels.

The process of placing chemical weapons is carried out with great care by a large number of soldiers. After the chemical weapons are located, Turkish soldiers leave the area. It is seen that chemical weapons activated by remote detonation inside the tunnel emit black poisonous gas.

HPG: Turkey committed 2004 war crimes

The Turkish army, which could not carry out its invasion plans because of the guerrilla resistance, used chemical weapons not only in the Girê Amediyê Resistance Area, but also in many other areas. Many times these war crimes have been recorded by reporters and HPG guerrillas.

The HPG Press Center drew attention to the war crimes committed by the Turkish state in its five-month war balance sheet published last week and said: "In particular, internationally prohibited bombs and chemical weapons were used, from poison gases to phosphorus bombs, from thermo baric bombs to tactical nuclear bombs, against war positions and tunnels. The Turkish state committed 2004 war crimes in order to achieve its aims and these crimes have been documented by our forces."