Cemil Bayık: We won't carry out military actions unless the Turkish state attacks us

KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayık said: "Stop military actions in Turkey, in metropolises and cities. We have decided not to take action unless the Turkish state attacks us."

KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayık issued a message after the earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people and caused a great humanitarian disaster. 

Bayık, confirming a unilateral ceasefire, said: “We call on all our forces that carry out military actions to stop all military actions in Turkey, in metropolises and cities. In addition, we decided not to take action unless the Turkish state attacks us. Our decision will be valid until the pain of our people is relieved and their wounds are healed."

Bayık underlined that the stance of the Turkish state would be decisive in the implementation of these decisions.

KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayık said: “Our honorable people. The earthquake caused a great disaster. Our people are under very difficult conditions in Bakur Kurdistan, Rojava, Turkey and Syria. In particular, the peoples are suffering much more because of the policy carried out by the invading and murderous Turkish state. The Kurdish people, the Turkish people, the Arab people and other peoples are suffering greatly.

The experiences of society have affected us a lot. I wish God's mercy on those who lost their lives and a speedy recovery to the injured. Again, my condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and to all our people. We feel and live your pain.

Unfortunately, earthquakes happen everywhere, all over the world. But the important thing is that many countries are taking earthquake precautions. Therefore, they suffer less damage and loss. But when we look at Turkey, such disasters are happening because measures are not taken.

All resources should be used to rescue people

Thousands of our people are still under the rubble. Our people need to be pulled out from under the rubble. Because it is winter, there is snow, there is rain, the weather is cold. If they are not rescued from the rubble as soon as possible, they may die from the cold. Therefore, everyone should mobilize all their resources. Everyone should mobilize to save our people. Everyone, especially democratic institutions, should mobilize.

AKP-MHP government took no measures

The AKP-MHP coalition is in power. The AKP has been in power for 20 years, running the state. As it is known, Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey are on a fault line. Therefore, it is a country at risk of earthquakes. Precautions had to be taken for this. But the AKP did not take any action. It does not serve the public. As it is known, taxes have been collected for earthquakes in Turkey for years. But no one knows what happened to those taxes.

The Turkish state used all its means to massacre the Kurdish people in Kurdistan, they spent millions of dollars on this. They developed special warfare, strengthened their allies, strengthened mercenaries, developed and strengthened some special war institutions. They spent all of Turkey's resources on these. That's why they didn't give anything to the people of Turkey, especially the Kurdish people. During their rule, they developed theft, corruption and plunder, and made the rich even richer. They made the people poorer every day. As a result, there was a huge gap between them and the people. We know that many times they changed the laws for contractors, for their mercenaries, they passed laws. They changed the bidding laws so that those at their service would become even richer.

Earthquakes occur in many parts of the world. For example, there are major earthquakes in Japan. We see that in these earthquakes, buildings do not collapse much, deaths do not occur much. Why? Because they deal with it seriously, they take their own precautions. Therefore, there is not much pain when an earthquake occurs. If the Turkish state had taken precautions like Japan, today's suffering would not have happened. Thousands of buildings would not have been destroyed, cities and villages would not have collapsed. Thousands of people would not have lost their lives; they would not have been injured.

Turkey is investing in war

The AKP-MHP collected a lot of money during its rule. In particular, they collect  money for the earthquake every year, but we see that that money is not there. Apparently they spent it all on the war. They spent billions of dollars on the war. If they had spent that money for the people, if they had spent it on earthquake measures, if they had spent it on the health and education of the people, these sufferings would not have happened today. All the people of Turkey would live in prosperity. If some have become very rich today and the people have become even poorer, this is the result of the AKP-MHP's policy against the Kurdish people. Because they want to massacre the Kurdish people, for this they invest all Turkey's resources in war.

The AKP-MHP runs Turkey like a company, and deals with people like a cruel boss. They do not take any need of people as a basis for acting, they never act with such a purpose. Therefore, our people, the Turkish people, the Arab people, all the peoples living in Turkey should hold them accountable for this. They should both ask for account and increase their mutual cooperation.

The AKP-MHP declared a state of emergency. The reason they declared a state of emergency was to cover up the earthquake. The government wants to suppress the pain and cries of the people so that these pains and screams do not reach anyone. It also mobilized the press so that no one would hear what was happening. They are developing propaganda to deceive the peoples and the world. They hide many things. They make it look like they are helping people everywhere, but these are lies. The independent media exposed all their lies. They want to prevent the aid sent by people to the earthquake zones, they want to prevent cooperation between peoples. In order to maintain their power, they want to put the aid sent by the peoples and from the world at their service. Therefore, the Kurdish people and the peoples of Turkey should continue to cooperate in every way. They shouldn't let the government get in the way.

Due to this disaster and suffering experienced by our people, we, the executive of the movement, wanted to evaluate the process and the latest developments and to achieve some results on this basis. Because we respect peoples and human life. That's why we don't want to inflict pain upon pain. We evaluated the situation humanely, conscientiously and morally. We call on all our forces engaged in military actions to stop military actions in Turkey, in metropolises and cities. Again, we decided not to take action unless the Turkish state comes against us and attacks us. Our decision will be valid until the pain of our people is relieved and their wounds are healed. Of course, the attitude of the Turkish state will also be decisive in our decision.”