Coronavirus appears in military company in Hakkari

It was claimed that 11 soldiers from a 200-person company in Hakkari have contracted coronavirus. The fact that the infected soldiers were accomodated in dormitories and hotels caused reactions among the people.

As in the entire world in Turkey too the coronavirus outbreak is gradually spreading.

Turkey and the AKP government are not taking the necessary measures especially in North Kurdistan, thus increasing the risk for the population to contract the infection. In addition to the insufficient health system in the Kurdistan provinces, the AKP Government is not working to improve the system with new measures.

While the people in Kurdistan struggle with the epidemic, the state continues to carry out military operations. The AKP Government keeps sending hundreds of soldiers to the border city of Hakkari and its provinces almost on a daily basis.

According to some news, soldiers deployed to Hakkari center, Gever, Şemdinli and Çukurca haven't gone through a medical check. As a result it was claimed that some soldiers have contracted coronavirus. The fact that those positive with coronavirus continued to mix with other soldiers, and the fact that these soldiers are appearing in the streets, caused uneasiness in Hakkari.

It is stated that 11 soldiers in a company of 200 soldiers have contracted coronavirus in Gever. The fact that the infected soldiers were accomodated in dormitories and hotels in Gever caused panic and reactions.