DEM Party Hakkari organisation: It is time to make fascism take a step back

The Hakkari provincial organisation of the DEM Party made a call before the big rally planned to be held in the city on 13 June, saying: “Now it is time to increase the resistance in Hakkari and make the trustee fascism step back.”

In Hakkari, the resistance against the government's seizure of the DEM Party municipality and imprisonment of the co-mayor continues on its seventh day.

The Hakkari provincial organisation of the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) called for participation in the rally to be held in the city on 13 June under the slogan “Municipalities are ours, we will not allow usurpation”.

In a press statement in front of the party building, DEM Provincial Co-Chair Hümeyra Armut invited the people to the rally.

Hümeyra Armud emphasised once again that Mehmet Sıddık Akış and Viyan Tekçe are the will of the people of Hakkari and said: "Our party won the municipality despite all the frauds and tricks such as vote transport and bribery. The honourable people of Hakkari, who repeated the lesson they gave to the trustee nominated in 2019 in the 2024 elections, defeated the government and its partner. Unable to digest these defeats, the government resorted to a trustee coup and undermined democracy once again. The government, which spread and deepened fascism all over the country day by day, continues to maintain the law of colonialism and hostility in Kurdistan. This trustee policy, which ignores the will of the Kurdish people, is a political coup. It is an attack on community municipalism and co-presidency."

Hümeyra Armut continued: “The people of Hakkari have put up great resistance and will continue their resistance and repel this usurpation. In this context, we will hold a rally at 15.00 on 13 June with the slogan “Municipalities are ours, we will not allow usurpation”. We call on all our people to attend the rally and defend their will. All our people from Turkey and Kurdistan will participate in the resistance shouldered by the people of Hakkari by saying ‘We are marching to Hakkari for democracy’."

Emphasising that they will not let the usurpation of people’s will and the trustee fascism, Hümeyra Armut said: “The day is the day to say “No Pasaran” to the politics of usurpation in these lands. Now is the time to raise the resistance for the withdrawal of the trustee decision. Now is the time to raise the resistance in Hakkari and make the trustee fascism take a step back."

Following the statement, Co-Mayor Viyan Tekçe said: “We invite our people to our rally against the usurper trustees hostile to women and youth.”

The statement was followed a 10-minute sit-in protest. DEM Party MP Mahmut Dündar made a speech and said: “We are here until we get our municipalities back and we will protect our will. Our people should also protect their will and resist on this occasion. We expect all our people to participate in our rally."

The statement ended with the slogans “Resistance is life” and “We will win by resisting”.