DEM Party in Van, Bitlis and Hakkari ready to defend people’s will at 31 March local elections

DEM Party in Van, Bitlis and Hakkari ready to defend the people’s will at the 31 March local elections.

Dem Party Van Provincial Election Commission Spokesperson Delil Aksoy said that the people of Van (Wan) will give the necessary response to the trustees in the next 31 March Local Elections.

Candidate applications were made to the DEM Party in the cities of Van, Bitlis (Bedlîs) and Hakkari (Colemêrg). In Van, the largest city of the Serhat Region, there were many applications for the position of municipal co-mayor and municipal council member. Many candidate applications were also presented to the DEM Party in Bitlis and Hakkari.

A lesson for trustees

Dem Party Van Provincial Election Commission Spokesperson Delil Aksoy thanked the people of Van for the interest and support shown for the DEM Party. He said that the people of Van is ready to give a lesson to the state-imposed trustees who do not recognize the will of the people.

Aksoy said: “We received 105 applications from female candidates. Of these, 65 applications were for district and provincial municipality co-mayors, and 68 are for municipal council memberships. Three of our female friends applied for the Wan Metropolitan Municipality co-mayor position. A total of 706 applications were made by our male friends. Of these 706 people, 405 people applied for district municipal council membership and 135 people applied for the district municipality co-chair position. 9 of our friends also applied for the metropolitan municipality co-mayor position."

The people's candidate will be our candidate

The DEM Party is the people's party, said Aksoy, adding: “All our candidates should work by taking into account the efforts made by our party. We will put the ballot boxes in front of our people on 13 January. We stated it from the beginning, and we continue to state it today: the candidates chosen by our people are our candidates. We have never made concessions on this issue, and we never will. This was our people's demand. We will fulfil this demand. In these ballot boxes, they will elect both municipal council members and municipal co-mayors. Success belongs to our people.”

Great support for the DEM Party in Bitlis

The DEM Party received great support in Bitlis and its districts too, said DEM Party Bitlis Provincial co-chair Fikret Birlik, adding: “118 people applied for the municipality co-mayor position and council membership. Many of the applicants are women. Bitlis is an important city for the DEM Party. We will achieve great success in Bitlis with the support of our people."

Hakkari ready to repeat success of general election

One other important city in Kurdistan is Hakkari. Despite the government's dirty tricks at the last general elections, the people of Hakkari achieved great success and managed to elect all three deputies. Hakkari aims to achieve the same success in local elections. 47 people applied for the co-mayor position, 80 people applied for the provincial council position, and 130 people applied for the municipal council position in Hakkari and its districts.