Demonstration in Shengal: Respect the will of Yazidis

Institutions in Shengal protested the Shengal Council, formerly held by the KDP, and the former governor. They also listed their demands from Iraq.

Institutions in Shengal protested the governor and the Shengal Council, formerly held by the KDP, to come to Shengal and started a mass march in Sinûnê.

The march organized by the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly started under the lead of the Shengal Alliance Committee. Starting in front of the Sinûnê Popular Assembly building, the march was attended by Yazidis and Shengali institutions and participants chanted “Long live Êzidxane, death to traitors” (“Bijî Êzidxan, bimre xiyanet bilind bû”). The march continued up to the main road in Sinûnê and ended in a press statement.

The press statement said:

“Everybody knows that the peoples of Shengal are deprived of their administrative, political and servce rights. And everybody knows that the Yazidi people have suffered 74 massacres. We uphold human rights, and we fight for human rights. We are striving to have those who caused the abduction and death of hundreds of Yazidis face justice.”


The statement called on the Iraqi government and officials as follows:

“We say no to the former Shengali administration, who caused 74 massacres and Barzanî’s policies in Shengal, coming back.

We as the people of Shengal want to govern ourselves. We do not accept others representing our people.

We are calling on the federal government and human rights institutions: Let Shengalis be in the Shengal Assembly.

We are calling on human rights organizations and authorities: End politics and plans over Shengal at once, and respect the will of the Yazidi people.”