Duran Kalkan: Tactical nuclear weapons are used in Kurdistan

PKK Executive Council member Duran Kalkan points to the use of unconventional explosive devices with extremely high destructive power during the Turkish invasion of southern Kurdistan and describes the situation as very serious.

The invasion of the Turkish state in South Kurdistan remains very serious. The bitter resistance of the guerrillas, who successfully attacked the Turkish army from tunnel systems in the mountains in combination with mobile units, led to sensitive losses for the Turkish army.

The invasion military units are trying with all means to eliminate the guerrilla tunnels. Countless chemical weapons operations have been documented so far.

The member of the Executive Council of the PKK, Duran Kalkan points to the use of unknown devices with extremely high explosive power, which far exceeded normal explosives. Kalkan sees this as evidence of the use of "tactical nuclear weapons". This would add a new dimension to the already criminal warfare. Turkey does not have such weapons itself, they must come from NATO stocks, Kalkan told Medya Haber TV channel.

"Six different types of chemical weapons in action"

Kalkan reports that six different types of chemical weapons are being used against the tunnels. He also refers to the video recordings recently published by the HPG, which document the use of chemical warfare agents. “Chemical weapons are being used openly, at least 15 to 20 times a day, sometimes up to 30 times. This practice has been extended to all areas, but nobody says anything. However, these are war crimes,” says Duran Kalkan.

“It must be clarified what the heavy explosive devices are about”

In addition to chemical weapons, bombs with extremely high explosive power are being used. These bombs differed from chemical weapons, but also from conventional aerial bombardment, howitzers and artillery.

Kalkan says: “The guerrillas say that this is a different type of bombing. This was also reported in the media. Media reports say explosives are being used. But which type of explosive needs to be clarified. Is it C4, TNT, dynamite, another type of explosive, or tactical nuclear weapons? I have said before that tactical nuclear weapons are being used here. Our General Command confirmed that. CNN-Turk recently reported statements by a retired general in this regard for the first time. This was not discussed further and the press did not deal with it. The HPG press center should focus more on this and analyze the available data.”

"These weapons are more effective than chemical weapons"

Kalkan warns that the situation is very serious. The potential tactical nuclear weapons used are said to be more effective than chemical weapons. Kalkan explains: "The data available to us and the statements of the guerrillas who came out of the tunnels indicate that there is a high probability that tactical nuclear weapons are involved. But of course, I was not able to evaluate the data in detail. I'm not in a position to do that. That is the job of the people who are able to do it. There is no other way."

Tactical nuclear weapons were developed for war in the mountains

About a third of NATO's nuclear inventory is made up of tactical nuclear weapons. Kalkan points out that these weapons are of paramount importance to NATO. “These weapons were used in tunnels and in mountain passes. They have been developed for use in these places. This is also the scene of the current war. Basically, these weapons can now be transported in suitcases or bags. They can be fired from rifles or small ramps. Today they have a very clear function. These characteristics correspond to the current situation.”

A small bomb weighing five kilos has the explosive force of 20 tons of TNT

Kalkan describes these explosive devices and says bombs that weigh about four to five kilos have the explosive force of 20 tons of TNT. These are the bombs used, he said, adding: “When the bombs explode, all the oxygen is immediately eliminated. All living beings will be destroyed; their nervous systems will be shredded.”

This description could also indicate the use of thermobaric weapons. Kalkan cites a report by the Girê Sor guerrillas in Avaşîn. They said: “Last time there was such a massive explosion that we thought it was an earthquake. It was very different from the previous detonations. We had protected ourselves in one place. We stayed there for a while. When we came out, we found that all our comrades had fallen. We went to the entrance, saw that there were no soldiers and walked out.”

Kalkan is calling for an investigation in light of these reports.