Election fraud in Van

Election witnesses and villagers who want to vote are prevented from voting by Turkish police and soldiers.

The people have rushed to the ballots from early on in the morning in Van, where HDP held its final rally with hundreds of thousands of participants. A total of 637.000 voters will cast their votes in 2024 stations. 224 voting stations had been moved in Van where fraud started early during election day.

In the EREK TOKI Elementary School in the Bostaniçi neighborhood of the central Ipekyolu district, police didn't allow the witnesses in, saying they "had orders".

In the Beyaslan village in the Saray district, the gendarmerie didn't allow the villagers to vote. In Saray, AKP District Chair and the gendarmerie patrol the ballots together.

In villages of Özalp and Çaldıran districts where ballots have been moved, villagers are kept waiting at exits for "search and control" as they attempt to travel to villages where the ballots are.

In the Feraşin region between Gürpınar and Beytüşşebap districts, soldiers have surrounded the region due to an "operation" and are preventing the villagers from voting.

In Çatak, armed village guards keep watch next to the ballots.


As election fraud continues in Van, HDP Co-chair Sezai Temelli cast his vote in the province where he is running for parliament from. Temelli cast his vote in the Seyit Fehim Arvasi Cumhuriyet High School and said June 24 will go down in history as the emancipation of Turkey.