Encu: We have been killed due to our identity and our belonging

Ferhat Encu wrote a letter on the anniversary of the Roboski Massacre and said, “We know the perpetrators of this massacre. We weren’t killed just because we were poor, we were killed because of our identity and our belonging.”

Former Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Sirnak MP Ferhat Encu, imprisoned in the Kandira Type F Closed Prison, wrote a letter on the 7th anniversary of the Roboski Massacre and said the massacre where he lost his brother Serhat and many more relatives was a dark stain in human history.

Encu pointed out that there hasn’t been a single investigation on the perpetrators despite all the time that has passed, and added that the families fighting for justice have been punished instead: “Through rulings by a political understanding that has lost its conscience and a judiciary that has fallen under control of this political understanding, they have covered up this massacre, which has opened deep wounds in humanity’s conscience that won’t stop bleeding. History will remember this injustice, and hold it to account. The law and the judiciary are tasked with alleviating the victim’s losses, not to defend those who cause the victimization. Laws are made for this, in the framework of fundamental rights and freedoms.


But unfortunately, in this massacre and in many others like it, what is necessary has not been done. Since the day of the Roboski Massacre, we fought to stand against the minds who flowed rivers of blood on these lands, to end mothers’ suffering and to establish the fraternity and peace these lands have always longed for. We will continue to fight. We know the perpetrators of this massacre. We weren’t killed just because we were poor, we were killed because of our identity and our belonging, and unfortunately, this continues still.”


These lands have seen great pains. And those who caused these pains are a handful of power seekers looking out for their own interests. There needs to be a genuine confrontation for these pains to end. The understanding of annihilation and denial cannot end poverty or the differences that make us who we are. The truth can’t be covered by canons, tanks or F-16s. There is no other way but to see it and know it. Anything else means greater pains. We must put forth our determination to fight and our will so such pains don’t happen again. We must get rid of this grave dust that has settled on us for over 3 years. We must shout the truth and justice out loud without fear.

Many massacres and deaths like the Roboski Massacre have been abandoned in the dark depths of Ankara to be lost. The AKP government has not assumed responsibility for any incident, and has attempted to cover up the truth by distorting facts. It is a conscientious duty to fight against this degenerate and corrupt understanding. I am calling on all with conscience to fulfill this duty. I am calling on all rights defenders and lawyers to show solidarity with Roboski to unearth the truth of Roboski through legal ways.”