Facts at the zero point of war

Guerrillas carry out successful and tactically rich actions.

The uninterrupted actions of the guerrilla forces have largely frustrated the most advanced weapons of the fascist Turkish state. However, the Turkish state is still trying to portray itself as successful, but the reality is different at the zero point of the war.

At the zero point of the war, the facts do not conform to the breaking news that Erdogan's media release each time when he is in trouble, nor to the statistics used as propaganda by state officials whose duty is to mislead the public. Between reality and fake news are the mountains of Kurdistan. Despite drones that they trust more than their soldiers, freedom fighters enter the positions of the invaders, seize their weapons and destroy the military positions.

The Turkish army, the 2nd largest army of NATO, which has myriad weapons, cannot defeat the guerrilla in the mountains of Kurdistan and it resorts to inhumane practices as long as it cannot defeat the guerrilla forces. The Turkish invasion attacks ongoing in Zagros and Metîna since April 23 prove that they cannot defeat the guerrilla forces. The Turkish army uses chemical weapons, which constitutes a crime all over the world, and bombs hospitals and civilians who have nothing to do with the war just to show themselves strong.

Chemical weapons have been used several times a day since the beginning of the invasion attack in Werxelê, Hill Sor and Metîna. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has used so much poison gas that he has overweighted "Chemical Ali" who was convicted for crimes of genocide. However, he cannot stop the guerrilla. There is a price, and the guerrilla pays the price because it knows that there will be no victory and freedom without a price. Nothing ever happens by itself. Everyone has something to do in this struggle for humanity.


Erdogan is criticized for the use of chemical weapons, and some say “This is a war crime. International courts and the UN must do what is necessary”. At this point, I must first emphasize this: War itself is a crime against humanity. It leads to occupation, death, rape, looting, extortion, human and nature destruction. And the use of chemical weapons increases this crime. What will eliminate this crime is not the law but conscience, human justice and morality.


When it comes to the Kurds, all kinds of inhuman attacks are considered legitimate. Being Kurdish means being outside the law, because according to the official ideology, being Kurdish and defending it are against the interests of the state. After all, the purpose of the law is to protect the interests of the state. All kinds of massacres are permissible when it comes to Kurds, whether they are Kurds who stay at home and work (like in Konya and many other places) or revolutionaries who fight for their language, culture and country. It is not an issue to use all kinds of prohibited weapons, or to strike hospitals that all parties are obliged to protect. Even an organization like ISIS was slammed when it bombed a hospital, but the fascist Turkish state is carrying out these attacks without hesitation. It uses chemical weapons. Being a mere spectator or thinking that the law will fix it, doesn't change anything.


In short, as a society, we need a yardstick to solve this. The yardstick is conscience, not law. This war has no legal basis. This issue should not be left to the law, which only legitimizes atrocities. Law does not think about society, but the 'survival of the state'. The way to stay human and protect social values ​​cannot be found in law, but in conscience and morality. Conscience is the most effective and driving force. It is necessary to fulfil the requirements of conscience and morality. Otherwise, this injustice will affect everyone. Only social conscience can overcome the injustice of the fascist Turkish state.

We will not talk about bravery and courage in a war that involves the Turkish state, because these terms are too holy and virtuous to describe the Turkish state. However, we can all see that the days that the Kurdish people and oppressed peoples, women and supporters of democracy are waiting for are approaching as a result of the struggle led by the guerrilla. Therefore, Erdogan is always surprised when there is the guerrilla at the zero point of the war.