Farewell to Sadun Mirza Ali killed in Turkish attack in Shengal

Civilian Sadun Mirza Ali, who was killed by a Turkish drone attack in Shengal, was laid to rest. The Yazidi man was the father of three children and worked as a driver for the Committee of Martyrs' Families.

On Thursday around 13.00, in Ziravik village of Tilizer district of Shengal, a vehicle belonging to the Committee of Martyrs' Families was attacked by an UCAV and Sadun Mirza Ali, father of 3 children, was martyred.

Sadun Mirza's body was brought to Khanasor today with a mass procession and then taken to Şehîd Dilgeş and Martyr Berxwedan Cemetery of Martyrs.

Hundreds of people, including representatives and members of the Autonomous Administration, attended the funeral ceremony, including family members, representatives of the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly (MXDŞ) and the security forces, as well as hundreds of other people.

After a minute's silence, Pakîze Celal from the Committee of Martyrs’ Families gave a speech in which she explained that the wounds of the Yazidi community are reopened with every new death: "We will not forget our martyrs and we will not be brought to our knees by killings."

Nayif Şemo, co-chair of the Shengal Autonomous Assembly, said in a speech: "We are proud of our martyrs and will not bow down. We will continue our work and struggle in memory of the martyrs."

After the speeches, the body of Sadun Mirza Ali was buried, with hundreds of people shouting "Şehîd Namirin" (Martyrs are immortal).