Final farewell to YBŞ fighter killed in Iraqi attack in Şengal

YBŞ fighter Şervan Êzidxan fell a martyr during the resistance to the occupation attacks carried out by the Iraqi army against Shengal on May 2.

Şervan Êzidxan, who was martyred during the invasion attacks of the Iraqi army against Şengal on May 2, was laid to rest in a funeral ceremony attended by hundreds of people.

The body of the martyred fighter was taken from Khanasor hospital and brought to Şehid Dilgêş and Şehid Berxwedan Cemetery of Martyrs with a large funeral convoy. The speeches made on behalf of the YBŞ (Şengal Resistance Units) Command and the Şengal Autonomous Democratic Assembly put emphasis on the resistance of the Şengal people.

After the speeches, the fallen YBŞ fighter was laid to rest under the slogan “Şehid Namirin” (Martyrs are immortal).