Footage from guerrilla action in which 15 soldiers were killed

15 Turkish soldiers were killed as result of an guerrilla action in Igdır.

Gerîla TV has released footage from an action in which a Turkish military vehicle was targeted in the countryside of Igdır province.

The mentioned action was carried out by guerrillas at 02:00 on November 26 as part of the Revolutionary Victory Campaign launched in Serhat region.

According to HPG sources, guerrillas hit an armored vehicle of the Turkish army after it left Axurî outpost and headed towards Aralık district.

The Turkish vehicle was put under intense fire at close range, after which guerrillas approached the vehicle and destroyed it completely. At least 15 soldiers of the Turkish army were killed as a result, according to the information provided by HPG Press Office.

HPG stated that guerrillas also hit the Turkish soldiers in the surrounding outposts that attempted at an intervention at the scene following the action.

According to HPG sources, Turkish forces couldn’t retrieve the wreckage of the vehicle and the corpses of soldiers from the scene until 7 am in the morning.

HPG said the action was carried out to “salute the 41st year of the PKK”.