Footage of sabotage action by YJA Star guerrillas in Besta

Sabotage action by female guerrillas left four soldiers of the invading Turkish army dead in the Botan region of northern Kurdistan.

Gerîla TV published footage of an action carried out by guerrillas from YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) in the Besta region of northern Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey) in May.

The footage shows a Turkish military vehicle hit by a huge explosion in the Besta region, located in the region of Şırnak province.

According to the HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Press Office statement detailing the action, the sabotage action by YJA Star guerrillas targeted an Amarok type armored vehicle of the invaders on the move from the village of Osyan to Hill Aqîr at 14:30 on May 13.

“While the military vehicle was struck using sabotage tactics, the four invaders in it were punished and the armored vehicle was completely destroyed,” said the HPG statement.